A Fun Sport and Game

Floorball is one of the fastest growing sports around the world. It originated from USA and Canada 30 years ago. It has been growing deeply in Scandinavian soil and now fast spread across Europe. Asia and Africa are growing. 

Floorball can be played in different format from 1x5 to 5x5. It is similar to ice hockey but playing on dry surface. It can play on most plane surfaces, indoor and outdoor. 

Sometime the floorball is called off ice hockey. Foorball also shows some elements from golf and soccer.  It is game for everyone. Toddlers enjoys using a little stick chasing a ball.  A family can play in home and outdoor like playing soccer. Official games have rules and regulation and they attract thousands of fans.

It is the safest sport. The sticks are made of composite and plastic material. The balls are only 23-gram hollowed plastic balls. Players are not required to wear protective except the goal keeper. Regular running shoes and shirts are good enough except the official game. 

Accufli supports the grow of floorball sports worldwide with introduction of affordable sticks and equipment. The sticks are well designed and precisely manufactured and test.