Airtek A80 &A70

The Accufli Airtek A80 & A70 floorball sticks are well designed, precisely manufactured and tested for junior . They feature a premium composite shaft, a curved and reinforced HDPE blade, and tactic soft PU grips. They offer an enlarged sweet shooting zone, durability, balance, a comfortable feel and an accurate shot. They are truly high performance sticks.


  • Available in 6 colours and both right and left handed

  • Lightweight premium composite shafts for consistent and power shooting.

  • Pre-hook curved mid concavity blade for accurate shots and easy stick handling.

  • Two tone PU grip for comfortable and griping power.

  • For outdoor and indoor use. Plus it is an ideal for playing ball hockey and practicing hockey skill and tricks.

  • A80 model 220g, with shaft 80cm flex 32mm,

  • A70 model 200g, with shaft 70cm flex 36mm,

  • Other size and colours available with special request