Accufli XORO sticks are specially designed for EZ Zorro playing or performance. By regular practicing Zorro, it can improve your eye and hand coordination, enhance your mind and body connection. Your skill of stickhandling and ball control will get significantly improved. It is truly the best off-ice hockey training gear..


  • Available in 3 colours, 3 sizes and both right and left handed

  • Lightweight premium composite shaft for consistent performance

  • Special designed blade for easy tricks, stickhandling and ball control

  • Two-tone PU grip for comfortable

  • Z100 model 260g, with shaft 100cm, for player’s height height 5’7” (170cm) and above

  • Z90 model 250g, with shaft 90cm, for player’s height height from 4’9” (145cm) to 5’7” (170cm)

  • Z80 model 240g, with shaft 80cm, for player’s height height under 4’9” (145cm)